Friday, June 29, 2007

fashionably (2007)

time I reach the party
all the drugs
have already been played
(a recurring theme)

my selfish friends!
I just wanted a little toy-toy for me!!!

to let the drugs
do the talking

get the monkey off,
write myself off on

okay, I’ll drop the code
if you’ll quit coding with me

all you can offer
is flattery
& these wedges of lime

sure, there’s booze & pot
(downers covered)
like you said

but I arrive &
everyone’s leaving

whispering “life’s too short
for this dreck”

(am I that undanceable?)

leaves me no choice but
to steal your lines
drink you dry
crashland on your couch:

when you kick me awake
I'll be itching,
pestering you

to make that call
(fingers crossed),
drive across town for pills


  1. Just brilliant from start to finish!

  2. I don't know about that... but anyway, thanks! It's just another condensed / displaced 'true' story from the alter ego of my alter ego...

  3. Hey Stu howzit going? Long time no hear... sorry I've not been around. Not been around anywhere really in the past week... I'm making up for it now by updating my blogroll and YOU ARE THERE under best blogs vi CONGRATULATIONS!
    All the best


  4. Hey! Long time no post! Something! New! Please!

  5. Hehe... I'm working on it! ;)