Thursday, November 23, 2006

Under the Influence

I'm doing a reading on Tuesday the 5th of December, but not of my own work...

For the Victorian Writers' Centre's annual 'Under the Influence' event, where writers read work by other writers who have influenced them, I'm hoping to do justice to Federico Garcia Lorca's New York: Office and Attack. They say to never work with children or animals, and I think ghosts should probably be added to the list. They are just as unpredictable, if not more so. Who knows, all hell may (finally) break loose. It's that kind of poem... like Yeats' Second Coming, it raises demons at the same time as launching a damning critique of 'civilisation' as we know it. (Do we know it?)

At last year's event (at Carlton's Courthouse Theatre) I read two poems by the late, great Australian poet John Forbes (Drugs and Angel), to an audience which contained several other poets who had known John personally... which was a very humbling experience.

This year's event will be quite different, since it's doubling as the VWC Christmas Party! Full details below (as posted on the VWC website -

Under the Influence - the VWC's last event for 2006!
with Tony Wilson & Klare Lanson

Stella Glorie returns to host this celebration of our literary influences and the year past. This event will feature four writers, including novelist and broadcaster Tony Wilson, and poet/performer Klare Lanson. Each will read and talk about the writers that have influenced them - and you too can join in the festivities and bring your own three-minute reading. Come along and share the words of the writers that have inspired and influenced you, and celebrate the Centre's last event for the year.

When: Tuesday 5 December, 7pm
Where: Victorian Writers' Centre, 1st Floor Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne
Cost: $7, VWC Members $5
Bookings: 9654 9068

Above: Federico Garcia Lorca


  1. What a great concept Under the Influence is! I had a great night. Nothing like a bit of wordyness to lift your spirits, eh?

  2. It was an awesome night. Klare Lanson's performance pastiche of influences blew me away. Was also great to hear Kris Hemensley reading Jack Kerouac, and Steve Grimwade reading PiO. All the readings were great though!

    Reading Lorca was challenging. It was a very emotional experience... the poem took me over, and by the end its energy overran me - it was like lifting a tremendous weight while balancing on a narrow bar. The poem's message is confronting and still seems to speak from the future, even though the poem is about 75 years old. I'm glad I was able to share it with a receptive audience.