Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jesu, joy of man's desiring (2006)

Out in the milk, the gala…

deep in the infield, strut
painted girls in rubber, one
swings swaddled florist flowers like a
_- sword.

Where is this now ?
You’d think it was the 50s

SweetJesus come save us / challenge
We’re blooding & dumb, lack
_-leadership, the towels we once clung to.
Need your thirsty reform, holy
_urgency, occasional group aerobatics /
___-fishschool o’magic /
___-help w/ bread division.

_____-& while we’ve got you on the line,
__________How long since you quit
_________________the Mary Chain ?
As one of the founder-members,
one would assume coke differences
____________&/or musical habit.

Comeback / farewell tour ?
___One more for the $$$ ?

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