Saturday, July 01, 2006

How to be hungry (2006)

Take your phone and throw it in the river.

Unplug from everything.

Return each thing you love to its birthplace.

Enter someone else's pain, then steal it.

Zen: this road is you, this weather is you.

Look food in the eye before you eat it.

Respect fear as an accomplished adversary.

Walk city streets for days and nights.

Speak to the strangest of the strangers.

Listen closely for the announcement they make.

____-They say, "Lies have taken office."

____-They say, "Decorate the streets with truth."


  1. This is awesome!!

    Very true too.

    I love how each one of these lines is strong enough to stand on their own, and the first two/last two lines rock. :)

  2. Thanks Raz. :)

    The title arrived (as many things do) while I was walking down the street.

    The rest of it came to me while I was in bed with a hangover...

  3. Ok, after much musing and meandering I've made some changes, and I think I'm finally happy with this one!