Friday, October 08, 2010

poolhall (Mark William Jackson remix)

racked balls break over
blue felt
(a snap of reality)
feel the felt for sympathy

behind the table a mirror
shows an older self

shows remnants of youth

______in sallow eyes

obama on the live cross
declares, “at stake now is not
just our ability to solve this
problem but our ability
to solve any problem”,
though the tv is mute

to ears that cannot hear

balls lay scattered

as a past

________the 8 is



juke injects
extended adbreaks

of manufactured angst
looping insatiably


infusions of urinal cakes

prompt the next move

“every hour is…
amateur hour”

_________i’m left
drunk on words
(voiceover fades)

A remix of poolhall by Mark William Jackson. Cheers Mark!

1 comment:

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